Advice for Sellers

Using Video To Assist Home Buyers – Expert Advice

Using Video To Assist Home Buyers will become more prevalent as time goes on. Videotaping each property that we are honoured to market will help all buyers have a better sense of the home, its features both inside and out as well as the neighbourhood.

Should You List Your Home Exclusively or Use MLS?

While most people list their homes on MLS there may be situations where an exclusive listing agreement is a better choice. Either way, it is important to have an agent that understands the procedure for both.

Multiple Offers Explained

Multiple offers became very common ion Niagara in the autumn of 2016 and the spring and very early summer of 2017 but the market has changed and so have the buyers attitudes to even being involved what multiple offers. I believe that it is very important that buyers and sellers alike work with a REALTOR® who knows how you should deal with all types of offers. Generally multiple offers can be fraught with problems so it is always advisable to set the ground rules early and make sure your agent knows what they are doing. That is where my over 40 years’ experience both domestically and internationally can be of great value to you.